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    $50 per hour of runs
    $40/hr of runs (w/ GH membership)



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  • Business Hours Normal business hours are everyday 7am to 10pm and 24 hours for Gofer House members.Pricing Gofer House membership is $50 a month (not applicable to Gofer run).Rates The cost for a Gofer run is $40-$50 per hour of runs, with a one hour minimum, based on membership or non membership. You will be quoted price before the start of Gofer run and will be charged once run is reported complete by Gofer.All runs are charged by the hour, not by the job. We recommend you assign our efficient Gofers multiple errands at a time to make the most of your investment, which we hope will free up more time for day!You will be provided a Gofer Receipt of the services provided, as well as receipts for anything purchased on your behalf. The cost of merchandise, goods, fees, taxes, and/or materials will be the sole responsibility of the client and form of payment is to be provided prior to Gofer Run.Cancellation: Cancellations of errands for any scheduled Gofer requires a minimum 12 hour notice. If no notice is given, a $24 cancellation fee will be charged.Policies Privacy: Your privacy is important to us. Your personal information will never be shared or sold to anyone without your permission.Gofer House Code of Conduct: Gofer House prides ourselves on being a safe and budget friendly way to bring time back into our client's lives with our reliable and efficient Gofers. A background is performed on each employee prior to being hired, and employees must provide proof of automobile insurance.To provide safety to both client and Gofers, each Gofer has the right to refuse service if said Gofer feels uncomfortable to proceed with run for any reason.All errands performed by a Gofer must be assigned through Gofer House, LLC. Gofer House, LLC will not be liable otherwise.